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As an antibiotic-resistant pandemic devastates the planet, the only safe place is in the air.

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genge: Action,Drama,Sci-Fi,Thriller


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As an antibiotic-resistant pandemic devastates the planet, the only safe place is in the air. In today's world of big budget movies and special effects, it's sometimes nice to sit at home and watch a DVD of a local British film. This low budget horror movie has a terrific trailer and I'm a sucker for a good trailer. The Carrier doesn't even feel low budget, so well done to the producers and crew. Anthony Woodley has gone a good job directing.

The Carrier is about surviving passengers on a 747 - no vampires, no zombies, nothing grotesque which made it stand out. The pace starts slow, builds through lots of tension and makes you jump. The cast do a commendable job and this is definitely one of the better horror movies I have seen in recent years The world is going to hell in an antibiotic-resistant- plague powered hand cart. Soldiers are shooting people dead on the street and the suburban houses of the infected are set a blaze.

A bunch of people manage to get aboard a plane and make a dash for it. Locked in to a confided environment, with the potential of infection aboard and the world burning below, this is dynamite.

Production, acting and writing are sufficient to carry all this off and is very tense and moving in places.

Happy days?

No. The problem with this film is the plot. To unfold the way it does the characters have to make one shockingly ill-thought out choice after another. You know in horror films when the guy goes down in to the cellar on his own just to find out what that scrapping noise is? Well every single character in this film does this, about every six minutes.

This sounds nit-picky for what is essentially a sci-fi film; but it is so annoying it distracts from the film.

"Hey Gary I'm just going to pop out and have a chat with this guy who has been trying to kill us for the last twenty minutes."

"Right-oh Fred, want to take this gun with you mate?"

"No I'm sure it will be fine. Just sneeze into my mouth for good luck"

The ending reaches an appropriate climax but I was left wondering what was the point in it all.

Good acting and production hung on a distorted framework.


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Three people attempt to stop a gigantic crocodile, who is terrorizing residents in Black Lake, Maine.

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imdb: 4.7

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budget: $35,000,000

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Three people attempt to stop a gigantic crocodile, who is terrorizing residents in Black Lake, Maine. What happens when a man-eating crocodile begins picking off tourists in beautiful Lake Placid? What if the crocodile wants to make it his home? "Lake Placid" is a decent homage to ancient B-cinema. In the good tradition of films like "Tremors", we're presented a silly and light-headed tale of an offbeat American region plagued by an exaggeratedly over-sized animal devouring the local rednecks. In this case we have a giant Asian crocodile claiming a Maine-lake as his own and, immediately after eating his first victim (a diver whom he bit in half), a team of weirdo-specialists gathers around the lake to investigate the creature. Everyone slightly familiar with this type of insignificant horror films knows that they're a lot more comical than they are scary, thus "Like Placid" is a large buffet of witty dialogues, eccentric characters and over-the-top special effects. The characters are constantly arguing and throwing insults at each other and – unlike in many other nowadays creature features – it works and this film really qualifies as good, brainless amusement. Especially the interactions between the local, lesser intelligent, Sheriff Brendan Gleeson and the wealthy professional croc-hunter Oliver Platt often make you chuckle. There are a few very grotesque (but ingenious) twists in the second half of the film and I really enjoyed the visual effects (ever seen a crocodile battle a bear?). This is director Steve Minor's first experiment in the monster-movie field, after a whole lot of slashers like Friday the 13th and Halloween sequels, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who's looking for 80 minutes of pure amusement. I guess this is what would happen is somebody decided to make a horror-sitcom. Lake Placid is written by David E. Kelly, master of quirkiness, is loaded with likeable characters, each with his/her own arsenal of scathing sarcastic come-backs and wraps up with a straight-forward life's little lesson about ecological preservation and stuff. Hell, it even runs about the same length as your average episode of Friends. I was almost expecting commercial breaks to interrupt the crock-attacks and the snappish (sorry, David) repertoire of the characters.

But luckily I'm going to compare it to a good Jim Burrows-directed sitcom, meaning it's a whole lot of fun to watch. OK, so it's no Jaws in the suspense department, despite the underwater kicking feet-shot being used one time to many. But luckily it's no Anaconda in the cheese department either, thanks to a believable giant croc (good ole Stan the Man) and keeping the CGI-scenes to a minimum (nothing beats old-fashioned animatronics) or so fast you barely have time to count the pixels (poor teddy!!!). Characters are all decidedly quirky, as one could expect from the pen of Mr. Kelly (except maybe for poor Bill Pullman, whose more the strong, silent type than the ascerbic comedian). Dialogue is sharp and witty, although I have to agree the forced profanity does seem a little out of place in the sitcom-like setting. Watching Betty White uttering a line about sucking certain appendages with a face as straight as Eastwood in some cop-movie, is rather a schock to the system (even Beau Arthur would've been left speechless). What troubled me (sorry again, David) however, was the fact that the characters (note, not the actors) seemed to be having fun instead of being a tad distressed by the predicament they were in. So what if there is a giant croc in the lake, I've got a one-liner lined up for just this situation and I'm going the let it fly, come hell or big teeth!!!

But minor gripes aside, Lake Placid was not so bad as all the reviews made it out to be. Some tense moments and a healthy dollop of gore, even though the body count is phenomenally low for a monster movie. Nice croc action scenes and some lovely one-liners to remember and use in future (the bit with the severed toe...giggle). Lake Placid does however suffer from a rather lame storyline which didn't turn out to be the witty satire on monster movies the hype promised. The creature-feature equivalent of Scream it definitely ain't. But if you like your sitcoms laden with wit and kookiness, Lake Placid might just be an enjoyable experience. That is, if you can stomach the horribly kooky but admittingly different ending... It’s a comedy, a romantic star vehicle, a thriller, a horror movie and a quasi-environmental parable that's calculated to appeal to all demographic groups. It's not enough of any one of these things to be particularly engaging.


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Creative music video about an intense robbery and the trouble that comes with it. The official video for the song was presented on the official Vevo-account of the artist on YouTube on October 13, 2016. The video is played as a first-person shooter with a camera showing the viewpoint of one of the bank robbers during the culmination of the critical situation with the hostages, which ends with the death of most of them. The director was Ilya Naishuller, who also produced the film "Hardcore Henry." I love the f- out of Ilya Naishuller's Bad Motherf-er, i may have replayed the living heck out of that video, with Hardcore Henry he had definitely outdone himself.

And with his latest hit, surprisingly a music video for another music group that is not Biting Elbows, takes an action-packed, kinetic and highly entertaining project that serves as both an insanely well choreographed bank-robbing scenario and a kick-ass dressing for a kick-ass song.

It also shows how much he liked his collab on Payday's 2 script since the bank heist scenario, while shorter than the other half and thus concentrating more on the runaway, is gritty, police forces and bystanders are getting shot at, and the POV's character, is such a cool out mix of Henry's likeliness as an anti-heroic character (not that he doesn't show to be giving a f- to people at surroundings, but neither does he look unapparent to that) and a mercilessly random GTA player, it gives a conscience to the "Hero" and the smallest emotions shared toward him and another character are well rounded and realized.

(Although i feel like between this and HH, Ilya has quite a different point of view of love.)

Also, Ilya Naishuller manages to achieve something quite odd, by giving some charisma to the main character, because he really doesn't show to be a perfect action hero, nor he does things done flawlessly on his own, it's a somewhat nice character you kinda effortlessly root for.

Expect also quite amazing stuntwork and awesome blood-thirsty gunfire-driven action that while not being as mindblowingly gory as Hardcore Henry, it doesn't stop it from being more violent than the standard music video as it genuinely feels as though you were watching a next-gen gameplay of an FPS.

And quite an excitingly blood-pumping good short action story well told in less time that a film could do so. I have not watched the feature Hardcore Henry, but by most accounts is not so good; I guess that the POV action stuff is better in short form rather than creating a whole narrative using it. Perhaps related, the director has returned to the short music video form that gave him such success with Biting Elbows, and has made this video for The Weekend. The film is the getaway from a bank robbery, and relies very heavily on movement and action to work. On this front it does, and it is very much like a video game scene – GTA5 comes to mind, but I know the director also worked on Payday 2, so maybe that is a better reference.

The film is a short, impacting ride – very violent and without any emotional context to draw you in, but it is the speed that makes it work. Technically it is very impressive in how it is all put together, and there are lots of cool ideas within this too – the use of the mini-drone, the jumping between vehicles, the shooting through the side of the vehicle, etc. It does play very well, and the FPS-view suits the video game content. In the end it is still a novelty piece that will play very well online but doesn't leave you with much after – which is fine, because it does deliver in the moment, which is what it is all about.


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Stock car racer Tommy Callahan is forced to join Pete Madsen's thrill circus after his blackouts cause a fatal accident that gets him thrown off the circuit. He shows Pete's daughter Francie and her boyfriend Eddie Sands everything he knows about driving. Eddie takes up with Tommy's girl Annie Blaine after winning the first time out. They become fierce rivals by the next race, during which Tommy remembers driving over his brother with a go-kart and Eddie hits the wall. Racing enthusiast Fabian (as Tommy Callahan) smokes, drinks, and suffers blackouts while juggling feelings for alluring brunette Annette Funicello (as Francie Madsen) and blonde mainstay Diane McBain (as Annie Blaine). Complicating matters are Ms. Funicello's boozy race car boyfriend Warren Berlinger (as Eddie Sands), and her father Jan Murray (as Pete Madsen), who encourages the reckless drivers. Funicello's cow-eyed performance is sometimes enjoyable; however, her drunken driving scene is unnerving. "Thunder Alley" provides marginally more NASCAR excitement than its predecessor, "Fireball 500" (1966) *; be warned, it isn't much. A wild party scene, featuring some mild strip tease, is the film's low highlight. Terminally blah 50's pop singer teen scream Fabian gives a thoroughly bland and stiff performance as Tommy Callahan, a proud, earnest, virtuous ace stock car driver whose unfortunate tendency to black out whenever he gets boxed in causes a massive lethal pile-up that leaves two drivers dead. Tommy gets suspended indefinitely from the pro racing circuit by hard-nosed NASCAR bigwig Stanley Adams. Tommy, disgraced and desperate for work, humbly accepts a degrading gig as a stunt daredevil driver in a two-bit thrill circus outfit owned by shameless skinflint opportunistic con man hustler Pete (a hearty turn by stand-up comic Jan Murray). Naturally, Tommy shows cocky eager beaver protégé Eddie (amiable Warren Berlinger) the ropes and falls in love with Pete's feisty, hot-tempered daughter (a surprisingly lively and hence more tolerable than usual Annnette Funicello). Of course, this latter development doesn't go over well with Tommy's current main squeeze, the extremely jealous and possessive racetrack groupie hottie Annie (the always enticing, attractively slender blonde spitfire Diane McBain, who heats up the screen with her customary fiery aplomb).

Director Richard Rush, whose other 60's exploitation feature credits include the terrific hippie dope acidhead treat "Psych-Out" and the killer biker pictures "Hell's Angels on Wheels" and "The Savage Seven," jazzes up the standard-issue story by keeping the pace galloping along at a brisk clip and offering up a lot of snazzy visual flourishes. Monroe Askins' funky cinematography pulls out the wondrously garish psychedelic 60's stylistic stops: solarization, super-impositions, wipes, shaky hand-held camera-work, and dizzying segueways all shot in gloriously bright and vibrant Pathecolor. Kudos also to the groovy score, which has sinewy drums laying down a primordial pounding beat while fuzzed-out guitars rip-riff up a crackling sonic storm. Sy Salkowitz's predictable, but compact and serviceable script scrupulously covers all the necessary audience pleasing bases: bang-up peel out and crash'em demolition derby-style racetrack action (the authentically grainy racetrack newsreel footage especially smokes), fiercely going at each other's throats bitter rivalries, good-lookin' well-endowed girls in tight sweaters, crazy swingin' kids frenetically frugging away at regular intervals, a rowdy barroom brawl, and, in the movie's roll-over-wacky hedonistic highlight, a wild, delightfully raucous and unruly let it all hang out somethin' nutty sex'n'booze'n'dancing'n'stripping all-night rockin' party sequence. Only Fabian's underwhelming stale whitebread square presence and Annette briefly belting out this hideously saccharine slushy mush love ballad detract a little from the otherwise solid and on the money fun.


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Joffrey and Margaery's wedding has come. Tyrion breaks up with Shae. Ramsay tries to prove his worth to his father. Bran and company find a Weirwood tree.

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original title: The Lion and the Rose

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In Dragonstone, Melisandre sacrifica tre uomini che sono legati ai pali e offerti al Signore della Luce. Roose torna a Dreadfort e scopre che Ramsey ha torturato e scorticato Theon e che è furioso con il suo bastardo. A King's Landing, il re Joffrey umilia Tyrion durante la festa. Di punto in bianco, è avvelenato e le guardie arrestano Tyrion, accusato da Cersei di avvelenare Joffrey. Il matrimonio di Joffrey e Margaery è arrivato. Tyrion rompe con Shae. Ramsay cerca di dimostrare il suo valore a suo padre. Bran e compagnia trovano un albero di Weirwood. Questo episodio sembrava quasi anti-climatico nel suo approccio. Era così noiosamente noioso nella ripetizione causata da alcune sfumature dell'attore che erano piuttosto forzate. Alla fine è stata a malapena una sorpresa, nonostante qualsiasi faccia orribile.

L'episodio si basa sui suoi bastardi per fare impressione, spingendoci nel nostro odio per loro.

Bolton Bastard tipicamente imposta la scena come psicopatico. Sarebbe stato più bello sentire come Roose Bolton fosse stato introdotto di nascosto nelle sue terre, prendendo senza dubbio il traghetto del Porto Bianco. Non così drammatico come proclamato. Walda ha fatto un'impressione spaventosa.

Stannis il tempo in cui lo schermo di sua figlia non era sentito come un uomo che bruciava o drammatico quando eseguiva ex parenti, ma ahimè la colla del gabbiano era un cambiamento di scenario rispetto ad altre campane. br />
Le scene di Brandon sono state ben fatte aggiungendo un certo horror e stile soprannaturale a quello che stava diventando rapidamente ripetitivo.

Il matrimonio stesso è stato piuttosto rovinato dalla ripetizione di Joffery e dalle numerose interruzioni pubblicitarie Atlantic tagliava dolorosamente ogni scena a intervalli di pochi minuti, discutibile se la serie avesse più tempo tra di esse. Il matrimonio in sé non era ambientato durante la notte, quindi i giullari del fuoco erano piuttosto sprecati. Anche se il momento più importante del WTF è venuto dalla scissione della vagina, scioccante. Dinklage non ha davvero messo troppo bene i toni quando sembra molto peggio per l'usura di tardi, piuttosto che per la sua ex persona. La brigata nana non si è davvero ribaltata e sono stati piuttosto rubati con le loro urla, quando si strofinavano a secco un orsacchiotto e facevano la luna. Alla fine dopo aver sofferto così tanti colpi, sperando che il finale fosse arrivato qualche minuto prima. C'era troppo di Joffrey per preoccuparsi di ciò che era sembrato anti-climatico, come tutti lo odiano. Non l'avrei nemmeno messo al di là di sua madre. Sono stato io o Tommen a guadagnare qualche anno da qualsiasi stagione precedente? Ci sono stati grandi momenti in aggiunta al fascino e agli schemi GOT, alla manipolazione di Tyrell, alla veemenza di Cersei, a quella di Dornish.

Anche se è un episodio da guardare assolutamente in linea con la storia, ma nel complesso piuttosto insipido. Attenzione non leggere se non si vede un episodio.

È una cosa comune nel mondo di & quot; Game of Thrones & quot; perché il destino un giorno decide di lasciare la loro scarpa su qualcuno e sembra che quel giorno sia arrivato per uno dei personaggi che odio solo al centro del mio essere, questa è una tomba su cui ballo volentieri.

Joffrey Ho sempre pensato che non fosse degno del trono di ferro, è un re schifoso sin dall'inizio. Da prendere tutto il merito della famosa battaglia che Tyron guidava quando Joffery divenne giallo e corse. E potrei andare avanti, se hai visto le stagioni passate è solo una lista della spesa di misfatti e peccati.

L'intera festa di matrimonio ha davvero questa atmosfera spiacevole e tesa dove sai solo nel Dietro la tua mente qualcosa di brutto sta per accadere come uno sparo, ma è anche l'epitome di quanto sia uno sfiatatoio di Joffery. C'era persino una scena prima della festa nuziale che lo dimostrò mentre vediamo che Joffery tagliava un libro a pezzi che Tyron gli aveva regalato come regalo. Questo non mostra solo quanto Joffery rispetti lo zio da quando suo zio ama i libri, ma mostra anche che Joffery è in bancarotta intellettualmente. Quando ci pensi non c'è stata una scena in cui ho visto Joffery arricchire la sua mente in ogni caso, non solo non l'ho mai visto non aprire mai un libro ma non ho mai nemmeno guardato un ritratto. Non che questo sia davvero un grosso problema ma è qualcosa che sento parte della mentalità di Joffery che fa parte della sua rovina. È un po 'ironico che il libro che ha distrutto riguardi i re che sono aumentati e caduti.

Ma ovviamente vediamo Joffery esprimere la sua purezza mentre mette in scena una specie di finto gioco della battaglia. Solo vedere lo sguardo sul volto di Sonsa è stato un tuffo al cuore poiché quella commedia era chiaramente un insulto alla morte di suo padre Ned Stark, ma anche alcuni altri personaggi lo trovarono meno che piacevole visto che persino Tyron era offeso dal momento che quel gioco ha distorto i fatti di quella battaglia.

C'è una scena davvero intensa quando Joffery cerca di umiliare pubblicamente Tyron. Mi è piaciuto molto quando Tyron non si piega ai suoi insulti e poi Joffery cerca di convincere lo zio a piegarsi al suo potere dicendogli di inginocchiarsi e di essere il suo re, ma Tyron no. Ho pensato che fosse grandioso, una specie di modo di Tyron per dire che non ti sto prendendo più schifo. Ho rallegrato un po 'e ho pensato a Tyron, proprio come lui, non mi chino a fare il prepotente, non me ne frega un cazzo se quel bullo è il presidente degli Stati Uniti solo perché hai una posizione di potere che non dà hai il diritto di abusarne. Il fatto che Tyron non si sia inginocchiato, mi è sembrato un momento in cui Joffery alla fine ha perso il suo potere.

E naturalmente, come dice il vecchio proverbio, quello che va in giro viene fuori. Non posso fare a meno di sentire il modo in cui Joffery è morto è quasi una giustizia poetica dato che Joffery era una persona ubriaca di potere, si potrebbe dire che alla fine l'ha soffocato e che il potere lo ha distrutto alla fine.

Joffery il regno di Westoros è finalmente finito, ora può regnare all'inferno.

Voto: 4 stelle


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